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06 January 2006 @ 03:11 am
Kanoa finally sent a decent sized message! (Now if only it were good news...)  
It was voice only, but substantially longer than the first.

"I do apologize to Your Highnesses, and express my deepest apologies for allowing this to happen in the first place. I will recieve any and all punishments bestowed upon me upon return. I also apologize for the lack of contact. It has been a very hectic past few weeks, and I've not had time to create a decent length report.

Progress has been frustratingly slow, and I regret to inform you that Aubin and I have not found Alan. We have been following a trail of taunts, footsoldiers, and, from what I can tell, possibly Ses. Either Ses, or a black bird, but I'm betting it's one of her wing feathers. I did not tell Aubin, but I have also found a single phoenix breast feather. I do not know if he is friendly, or hostile, but I'm sure his intentions will become clear very soon.

At each site we have traced him to, the setting has become increasingly disturbing. The first had blood spattered across the floor in areas. The second and third showed more blood on the floor, and some on the walls. The fourth, I am very sorry to say, had evidence of mild torture. I do not feel it would be wise to disclose details after that unless specifically asked.

Aubin is becoming more and more agitated, and seems to be very angry with me for my past actions. He doesn't speak to me outside of talking about Alan, and I fear that this tension may be a hindrance to the mission.

I cannot deny that I feel a great sense of failure, and that the events that have transpired since my last message have left a sense of dread. I swear that I will do all I can to bring him back, although at this point saying that he will come home unharmed would be foolhardy.

I will do all I can to rescue him. Aubin is a great help with magical combat, but I fear that he has not been alive long enough to learn the value of patience in missions such as this. He says that I'm wasting time, and that we should stay on the move constanly until we find him. However, I have done this before, and I am confident that the strategy I have used before will lead me to success again.

Yours in Service,
Kanoa N. Wayland
First Royal Guard"

I'm going to think up some sort of reply to send back in the next few days. Any suggestions are welcome.

And nothing beats weirdness like a firebird breaking in through your window just to attempt to roost on the foot of your bed. Because, you know, asking to be let in or knocking is too simple.

PS: Angel, Kadir, Heath, do any of you know what "N" stands for? I thought he didn't have a middle name, he never uses his initial.
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suchasadbeauty on January 8th, 2006 10:28 am (UTC)
It stands for "Narayan". It's an alias of a pacifist god from the Old Religion, he says. He doesn't like his middle name much, which is why he doesn't use it unless it's on something official. Funnily enough, the name is also in Hindu mythology. Maybe they got the name from someone who journeyed there and spoke of the Old Religion. Maybe it's just a coincidence, though. I don't know. He's probably going to be upset at me, but he also has a second middle name, Sharrel, which is his mother's maiden name. He never uses it because he likes to keep his family to himself. I don't know very much about them, it hurts him to talk about it. But there's your answer. I hope I helped.